Sunday Funday Takes on a Whole New Meaning When There is Yoga & Champagne Involved

This past Sunday, HelloYogaGirl held her monthly Yoga & Champagne event at The Daily Refresher in Downtown Rochester. Not only did this fickle upstate New York weather finally allow for some yoga in the fresh outdoors, but the @flowercitydrinksmiths came prepared with an arsenal of mixed drinks and champagne that could make you forget that you were working out altogether (the best kind of exercising, am I right?).

Ladies enjoyed learning how to make their own (gloriously strong) tequila drinks and munched on some cheese and crackers between two rounds of yoga that were suitable for all levels of difficulty and all levels of buzzed.

So, if this sounds like everything you have ever wanted out of a Sunday, but you still need a little convincing before you dig out your old yoga mat, here are some convincing reasons to join us next month:

1. It’s a valid excuse to drink before 5 pm on a Sunday.

(Not that you really need an excuse, do what you gotta do, girl.)

If you feel like you might be judged for taking a tequila shot before dinnertime when you have work at 6 am the next morning, being able to blame your workout class is the perfect excuse. Not only will you get a necessary, end of a long week buzz, you are also enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise so who’s the real winner here? (the answer is you).

2. It doesn’t matter if you’re a yogi or a beginner. This event is suitable for everyone and anyone!

This class is so diverse, there’s no reason to feel unqualified to participate. One participant, Kelly, said:

“I’ve never done yoga before, but I liked it a lot. I loved the drinking!”

There you have it, there’s something for everyone! And by the second round of yoga, the drinks start to hit and the line between beginner and professional naturally blurs.

3. If you’re worried about showing up without a friend, don’t be.

Say your friend is busy that day and you have never been to one of our events, should you still sign up? DUH! The event is truly so laid-back and welcoming that there is no need for security blankets. Drinks are flowing and everyone is there for the same purpose, to do some yoga and sip some cocktails. There’s never a reason to feel awkward, and if you do, just splash a little more tequila in your drink! All jokes aside, though, a lot of women show up alone and have a great time. Take it from Sarah, who claimed:

“It’s not intimidating or awkward at all, even if you come alone, it’s not weird. I’ll definitely come back.”

If Sarah can manage, so can you!

So, there you have it, ladies! Joining us at our next Yoga & Champagne event on Sunday, June 26th is a no-brainer. To participate in the guilt-free boozing and yoga party, visit our events page to sign up-the limited space is filling fast!

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming Hikyoga events around Rochester to enjoy cardio and yoga while taking in some beautiful views. Follow @HelloYogaGirl on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

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