Hello! I am Taimi

Certified Hikyoga Instructor | San Diego

I can’t wait to share my knowledge and passion for the body and mind on the hiking trail with you so we can explore the beauty of San Diego together!

Little about me

I love moving my body and working out. So when I found yoga 7 years ago, I immediately fell in love. I had practiced yoga for years to help keep my mind and body in check after working as a Speech and Language Pathologist with adolescents on the autism spectrum all day. During that time, I completed my Integrative Nutrition Certification to become a certified Health Coach and I also decided to move across the country to sunny San Diego. This is where I took my yoga practice a step further. I obtained my 200 hour yoga certification in May of 2016. Ironically, Nicole happened to bring Hikyoga to Torrey Pines a few months before my certification was complete. I took her class and instantly knew that I wanted to build a practice of yoga and hiking in San Diego.

Instructing a Vinysa style yoga class in nature allows me to help my yogis connect with nature, strengthen and challenge their bodies, and calm their mind. I love the euphoric feeling I get after doing yoga and nothing makes me happier than guiding my students to reach the same feeling.

Join me on a Hikyoga

I would love for you to join me on a Hikyoga. You can find our events online at the link below. Make sure you signup today!