Hello! I am Nicole

Founder of Hikyoga | Certified Hikyoga

I want to inspire people to add movement in their life, be happy, and find joy in beauty that surrounds them.

Little about me

Nicole, Founder of Hikyoga is ready to explore and inspire. She began teaching her friends yoga in local parks and was often asked recommendations on parks and trails around Rochester, NY.

Wanting to share her discoveries and passion for yoga she decided to lead her friends through trails while pausing to stop, drop, & yoga along the way. Once posting her Hikyoga adventures on Instagram, interest grew exponentially and Nicole began leading Hikyoga for all. She loves inspiring people to step outside, be active and ignite all 5 senses with nature.

Nicole has learned it goes far beyond the yoga practice..she loves to see that others are simply excited to see new sceneries. She thinks the most rewarding part is offering classes for all levels and finishing class to learn that many of her students had just completed their first class.

Her classes are inviting to all as the remove the intimidation some may feel in a studio setting. “My favorite part is the walk back to the trail end seeing the groups mood change significantly from the trail head. Everyone is light hearted, open to new experiences and inspired to continue to explore.”

Join me on a Hikyoga

I would love for you to join me on a Hikyoga. You can find our events online at the link below. Make sure you signup today!