Hello! I am Hannah

Certified Hikyoga Instructor | San Diego

My goal is to bring people closer to peace and self-acceptance through the power of yoga, movement, and nature.

Little about me

Hannah, RYT-200, has been practicing yoga since since she was 15 years old. As a lover of movement, athletics, sports, & adventure, Hannah spent her former years as a serious athlete and adventurer: from soccer to cross country to track to backpacking. These sports trained her body & built muscles, but her lack of flexibility led to a lot of injuries that set her back in her athletic endeavors. Craving to stay active, she began to practice yoga. Little did she know that yoga would become her main form of therapy and help her body & mind heal faster than she could’ve imagined. Fascinated by yoga and the body, she decided to study neuroscience & physiology in college with the goal to combine the two fields in order to help athletes and all people prevent injury, stay in the game, and be mentally strong when the going get’s tough. Hannah believes that yoga is not only medicine for the body, but also for the mind, and when combined with the outdoors, yoga can be a transformative experience. Hannah has taken additional trainings in restorative yoga and yoga adjustments with Shauna MacKay and Sara Deakin. Hannah’s classes leave you feeling strong, restored, spiritually recharged.

Join me on a Hikyoga

I would love for you to join me on a Hikyoga. You can find our events online at the link below. Make sure you signup today!