Hello! I am Em

Certified Hikyoga Instructor | Cleveland

If I had to do one yoga pose for the rest of my life it would be reverse warrior. It is the apex of yoga poses.

Little about me

Meet Em Keen. She is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, connector, and writer at OM WITH THE FLOW. She is passionate about the power of intention and human connection, and lives her life with those two things as her driving force. As a Hikyoga instructor she brings her passion for connecting with people while helping them connect with themselves. Her classes are challenging, fun, expansive and good for all levels of yogis- beginner or downdog pro. She’s a force of love in this world and she’s so excited to continue to continue connection with the amazing people of Cleveland outside.

If I had to do one yoga pose for the rest of my life it would be reverse warrior. It is the apex of yoga poses. I am grounded, I am strong I am open, I am balanced.

Why I am I Hikyoga instructor …

I explore because it shifts my mind from worry to possibility. I hike because I love to challenge my body. I practice yoga because I get rigid and tense and stressed and breathing and flowing wrings out the chaos I create. I connect with people because I come alive when I listen to their stories and where they come from. I am a Hikyoga® teacher because it blends all of the things that make my mind and body feel alive & sets my soul on fire.

Join me on a Hikyoga

I would love for you to join me on a Hikyoga. You can find our events online at the link below. Make sure you signup today!