Certified Hikyoga Instructor Kim Fleischhauer: ‘Little Shift’ Has Made Huge Difference

Big moments don’t have to come with big changes. Sometimes, all it takes is a slight tilt in perspective to reveal just how close you already are to that big moment.

Kim Fleischhauer knows the feeling.

“It was a little shift that made a huge difference in my own practice and also in my teaching,” says Kim, one of our Rochester-area certified Hikyoga instructors. “During training, I gained a whole new perspective on alignment and how to use yoga to heal the body. I feel like I had tunnel vision prior to the training; like everyone’s ‘yoga’ was just like mine. But, of course, it’s not.”

She knew she wanted more freedom and excitement to her teaching, that the vibe wasn’t what it should be for her. So, when she came across the opportunity to take a Hikyoga as a student, she went in hoping to be inspired again and the outdoors did just that. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the simple act of leaving the studio behind was the exact move she was looking for. 

“The event was light-hearted, social, and gave me an opportunity to connect to the outdoors, to myself, and to my friend that joined me,” she says. “I felt so energized after leading because I had tried something new and stepped out of my comfort zone. There was a big sense of accomplishment and gratitude. I was feeding off of the vibes of the group and the energy from being surrounded by nature for a couple of hours.”

Revived, Kim decided to take the next step and become a certified Hikyoga instructor. She loved the union of nature and yoga, immediately embracing how the outdoors can open a person up. While the studio is the same every day, every day outside is different. It’s new every time.

Kim’s reaction to the 20-hour certification program? “Mind. Blown.”

“At the beginning of the hike you can sense anticipation and excitement. Once we hit the trail, the vibes of the group are heightened. It’s calm, but energized; peaceful, yet invigorating. The beauty of it draws you in. I think at that point the vibes are all about being thankful for what is around us. It’s a powerful sensation. The meditative walk builds on those vibes and by the end of the hike, I think — I hope — that everyone leaves with positive thoughts and energy to carry on throughout their day.”

Leading Hikyogas has become both spiritually and financially fulfilling for Kim. A full-time MRI technologist, Kim leads roughly four Hikyogas each month, but loves the flexibility of being to add more when she wants. She says her success as an instructor has stripped away the stress of wondering if it’s worth it. She’s even incorporated selling Hikyoga apparel to produce additional income, noting the camaraderie people feel when they wear Hikyoga gear at class and around town.

“I want to bring yoga to others because I know firsthand how beneficial a yoga practice can be for the mind, body and soul,” Kim says. “Hikyoga is helping me do that while still bringing in a profit, and I don’t have to try to justify to myself that I’m doing the right thing.”

“Take a deep breath. Connect. And BE YOU! That’s the advice I’d give anyone who wants to become a Hikyoga instructor.”

You can connect with Kim on Instagram at @kim.hikyoga. Interested in becoming a Hikyoga instructor? Click here for more information.

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