5 Hiking Trails Perfect for All Levels in Rochester, NY

With the weather taking a turn for the better, its time to get outside Rochester! Certified Hikyoga Instructor, Lianna Miller, shares her favorite go-to trails in Rochester, NY. Lianna tells, “One of the many perks of being a Hikyoga instructor is being able to experience so many parks in and around the city. Our goal at Hikyoga is to make yoga accessible to all levels by taking any stress away to allow the student to be present in nature, so here’s a few of my favorite of my favorite hikes for beginners!”

Enjoy reading, friends!

1. Corbett’s Glen Nature Park – Brighton, NY

Great for – stunning waterfall pictures for your Instagram

Located off of Penfield Road in Brighton, Corbett’s Glen is truly a hidden gem in the heart of Rochester. The wood chip trail takes you through some beautiful scenery, before entering the waterfalls. For an even easier hike, you can enter the trail at Glen Road, with the waterfalls meeting you almost immediately at the trail entrance. Because there are so many places to stop next to the water, this is a great hike for warmer months when you want to take a break and cool down. And fun fact; Corbett’s Glen is where I took my first Hikyoga, you can find many Hikyoga’s here in the Summer Months including our Thursday night series!

2. Channing H. Philbrick Trail – Penfield, NY

Great for – a quick hike with beautiful scenery

Channing H. Phillbrick trail (formerly Linear Park) is conveniently located right off of 441 in Penfield. If you’re quick on time, this trail is for you. One of my favorite parts of this trail is the beautiful creek right when you enter. Any sound from the road are muffled instantly with the creek being so close to the entrance. This is a generally simple, turnaround footpath, so feel free to turnaround whenever the time feels right.

3. Turning Point Park – Charlotte, NY

Great for – birdwatching and fall foliage

Turning Point Park may seem like an obvious choice for many, but I’m still surprised how many people haven’t checked out this beautiful park. The boardwalk and trail weave through the woods before opening up to the bay. The trail is paved (!) which is a perk for many, especially those looking for a family-friendly, easy trail. While Turning Point can sometimes be busy with runners and bikers, this trail is one that can’t be missed in Rochester.

4. Black Creek Park – Chili, NY

Great for – a new experience every time you enter the park

Black Creek Park in Chili has a great trail system, with so many options! You could go there every day for a month, and have a different experience every time. I tend to start on the Creek trail near the canoe launch (turn right once you enter the park), but you can very well have a great hike by using any of the other entrances. Another perk of Black Creek Park is you can have an easy hike for quite a while without getting bored.

5. Oatka Creek Park – Scottsville, NY

Great for – when you want to disconnect from it all

Oatka Creek has tons of trails for beginners, and is clearly color coordinated. One of the many perks of this park is that it’s very rarely busy, and you truly feel like you’re in the middle of the forest as soon as you enter. While this park is really well kept and cared for, the mature treetops and distance from the highway make for a truly peaceful experience. My favorite trails are the Black trail to the Orange trail, with a turnaround at the bridge over the creek.

This post was written by Lianna Miller, certified Hikyoga Instructor in Rochester, NY. To find out more about Lianna check out her bio and Hikyoga events at Hikyoga.com.

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