10 Backpack Essentials For a Safe and Happy Hike

Certified Hikyoga instructor, Linda Lawrence, shares with us what she loves to carry in her backpack while hiking. Linda has been leading Hikyoga in the Rochester NY area for over a year now and has learned what the perfect hike should include! Check out her list below!

No matter if you are hiking for the day or just a few hours, you should always go prepared for possible situations you may encounter. I come prepared for my hikes and encourage you to do the same. Tips for a safe and happy hike:

1. Bug Repellent

On warm days the trails can be a bit annoying with mosquitoes and other bugs buzzing around. You will appreciate bug repellent on these days so be sure
to put some in your pack. I like making my own natural repellent that uses essential oils. Peppermint oil is a great addition to your spray since it also repels ticks!

Hikyoga offers an essential oil-based bug spray, featured in the photo.

2. Sunscreen

Just as valuable as bug repellent! It’s important to protect your skin from long exposures to the sun. I put sunscreen on my face every morning before make up and apply before heading out for fun in the sun. Its just a good idea. Put some in your backpack to reapply & share with a friend.

3. Water

It sounds simple but many people hike without bringing water with them. Hydration is so important so always come prepared.

4. First Aid Kit

Great to have in the backpack for any minor cuts and abrasions. Wipes to clean out the cut, band-aids and disinfectant cream for all minor injuries.

5. Snacks

It’s great to always have some snack items in your backpack just in case. I like having protein bars or trail mix ready when I need a little boost.

6. Swiss Army Knife

I just think its great to have….you probably will never use it but it’s there!

7. Whistle

Again, this is probably something you will never need but is great to have stuffed in your backpack. An effective way to signal for help.

8. Phone

We live in an age where just about everyone has one and this is great for when you’re out hiking. Your phone is great for taking photos of amazing views but will be your best friend if something urgent comes up….charge up before you leave on your hike!

Additional Suggestions

Let Someone Know

Yes, even adults need to let someone know where they are headed on a hike! 99.9% of the time this is just good insurance….but that one tiny moment could be extremely valuable.

Watch Out for Poison Ivy

It’s hard going for a hike with long sleeves and long pants on super hot days but be sure to familiarize yourself with how to identify poison ivy. It’s always best to stay on trails since the likelihood of coming into contact with poison ivy is very small. There are barrier creams you can buy or just make sure you are aware & take a shower & wash well once you’re home if you suspect you’ve came in contact. I’m not a fan of bringing your dog on hikes in the woods…they too can contact poison ivy on their fur and then you can unknowingly get it too.

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